On The Tip Of Your Nose


It’s pretty damn obvious to me

The favorite rest stop of the universe

Is right on the tip of your nose



Your particular nose

The one on yo’ face

I hope it’s no burden being informed of

This particular miracle & happenstance with which

We all must live ~ that the favorite rest stop

Of the entire universe

Is not on anybody else’s nose but yours



I’ll leave you alone

I won’t harp on it

I’m shore there are other matters

You must focus on besides

The tip of your own




Yours truly



(Art by Lhianne & Genzoman)


by Elvis Bojangles


I apologize for

being too free

being too me

& too blind to see


You’re mighty kind

sharing your mind

with the limitations of me

& offering equality


I cherish your gifts

your brain your madness

your body your soul

your gladness & sadness


It’s really too much

to say you are pure

beauty & truth

prevailing unto eternity


But that’s what you

appear to be

to a wanna-be butler

fading away on social security


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2016 Text)


Hallelujah Trail

Years & miles

separate you & I

Something mysterious

brings us together

It seems to be real

Yet there’s nothing to touch

Like rocky ground

Or your shoulder

It’s what we believe-in

The window

Of our imagination

Thru which we met

It’s thru this window

That a cute poet philosopher

And an old horn-dog roustabout

Get to thump & bump





But a ticket to ride

Would be more fun

So meet me

In St. Louis!


Elvis Bojangles


A Heroine Beloved

 by Elvis Bojangles

Seeking philosophical meaning

In a lazy & purposeless life

I’ve gotten lassoed by

A wily spirit dame

So dark she’s cute

So cute I swear she can fly

So it wasn’t too hard for her

To carry me away

In a secret hideout deep underground

She transformation-ed me into her butler

Totally loyal & totally enslaved

Now I sing this song:

Gotta giddy-up

Gotta giddy-up

I gotta make things right

Gotta giddy-up giddy-up now

“Well damn”