Enter Platonic Man

by Rawclyde !

Twirling like a po’ boy’s yo-yo

Like a holy dime

Like two friends are supposed to rhyme

Is Platonic Man too late?

The woman knows pain too well

Pure beauty & truth took a bullet

A po’ boy needs a second chance

But will he get it?

Probably not

Po’ boys never get a second chance

Unless a miracle occurs & the moment is right &

All the signs are brilliantly bright

Woe is ye & woe is me

Are creeps forever

Are two friends never

Is it too late for Platonic Man?

The stars are swirling

The sky is unfurling

Swear to God I can’t do anything right

Twirling twirling

Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016

Mystical Phenomenology


by Rawclyde!


I see it in your eyes

Briefly on your belly

It’s there in splendor

The glorification of everything

& nothing at all


Unlike embalmed scripture

You are living testament

Gobbling fish n’ chips

Heaven’s gate a chatter

Upon the threshold I swoon


Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016




by Rawclyde!


His lips caress her stomach

Her hand plays his head like a skillet

Ghost Face wakes up


All those stars out there

No longer are of geometric design

They are scrambled


He steps on the accelerator

A spitball leaps

Into the red hot coals


Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016


Girl Scout of America

“Indubitable, Waskly!  Indubitable!”


Baby yourself with a smooth landing

Try it, you’ll like it, unto eternity

At a careful little fire in a measureless night

Where each thorn is a gentle quiet reply


The ground here is our planet’s cleanest

The universe provides no better place to sit

As it swirls your tallest tale above us

Old Rye’s reminder:  you are good company


In fact it turns out you’re the best

The only one beside yours truly

For hours we say nothing

This pleases the cacti choir no end




(Art Copyright Beth Neely)

(Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016)

Calm & Aloof



Lightning bolt

Cracks & poof

Suddenly I am calm & aloof


Oh wily spirit dame

You’ve smoldered my hat

Oh smiley spirit dame

How’d you learn to do that?


I don’t remember standing-up

Some how in suit n’ tails dressed-up

Holding in my hand a silver tray all shined-up

on which sits a coffee pot & cup


Oh smily spirit dame

In flannel shirt & jeans

Oh wily spirit dame

How’d you find the means?


“Serve me”

Condescendingly says you

Sitting at a table that is ridiculously




The colossal

Cathedral inside a humble tent

Smiles like God

At the tail-end of Lent


The hot coffee I calmly aloofly pour

Like I’ve done this some place else before

“We’re equals.  You may sit too.”

Magnanimously says you


& I better believe

It’s true

As one coffee cup

Turns into two



Elvis Bojangles


Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2014

Black Bears Alaska copyright Ron Niebrugge


What I Know About Time

by Elvis Bojangles


Heroine beloved tent oracle revered oh rhapsody

Your rocks & clay are not too scary

A scenic valley a secret grotto

An artesian well of levitating words

I have found a helmet that fits I am on my way

As I write I am already there as I write there is here

Headgear off upside-down in the corner

Abloom with a little trumpeting lily

This tent is too cozy too low I must kneel

I blink it’s a vast cathedral please guide me

I adore what’s up

Swirling steam solidifying as if Venus

Shucks I am clumsy like a new born colt

Mercy we witness a lightning bolt

Time is a clown skipping ’round & ’round

Please heed not the silly tick-tock sound



Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016

A Heroine Beloved

 by Elvis Bojangles

Seeking philosophical meaning

In a lazy & purposeless life

I’ve gotten lassoed by

A wily spirit dame

So dark she’s cute

So cute I swear she can fly

So it wasn’t too hard for her

To carry me away

In a secret hideout deep underground

She transformation-ed me into her butler

Totally loyal & totally enslaved

Now I sing this song:

Gotta giddy-up

Gotta giddy-up

I gotta make things right

Gotta giddy-up giddy-up now

“Well damn”

The Mysterious Tent

     by Elvis Bojangles

Let it be


in my mind

taunt snappy



Made of canvas or

other strange substance

inside of which is

a spiritual realm



The mysterious tent

surrounded by singing crickets

trees &

alas, the Author of all things



No flashlight no fire

we arise & retire

with the happy sun

my spirit dame & I



Hello beloved

I think thus I am

and Ye

is heaven’s gate



Wings untrimmed

free as you wish

stars flowing out your glowing

beautiful eyes



You be my empress & I

your man

together we drink cold instant coffee

& eat tuna-fish sandwiches


Rhymer, Let’s Burn One!

The Secret Passage


Davy Crockett Reincarnated



Where might be
The secret passage
To heaven?

Might ye
Buy it
At the Seven-Eleven?

Where is this passage
Thru which so many
Seek to pass?

Is it in thy
Beloved’s eye
Or at Sunday Mass?

Please tell me
Oh Lord
Where I might find

This passage to the
Oblivion of torment
In my mind

Can it be found
The desert trail?

Or might it be
In the mail?

Oh Lordy Lordy
I am
Growing feint

Can it be found in
A parable or
A can of paint?

Oh my darlin’
Is this secret passage
A beatitude?

Or per chance
Is it a more
Reverent attitude?

Or oh mother
Up above

It just plain old
True blue love?

It be

What kind of
True blue love
Must we


Love enslaved
May it be


Will it come only with
Lots of prayer
Or simply naturally?

Where is this
Secret passage to
Oh my heaven?

Certainly it cannot
Be bought at
The Seven-Eleven!


art by David Lozeau