Hallelujah Trail

Years & miles

separate you & I

Something mysterious

brings us together

It seems to be real

Yet there’s nothing to touch

Like rocky ground

Or your shoulder

It’s what we believe-in

The window

Of our imagination

Thru which we met

It’s thru this window

That a cute poet philosopher

And an old horn-dog roustabout

Get to thump & bump





But a ticket to ride

Would be more fun

So meet me

In St. Louis!


Elvis Bojangles


Newspaper Office


by Elvis Bojangles


You never have to feel bad again

You got four men and a ghost with a grin

Working for you

Working for you


Might as well celebrate with everything that you do

With a crew like this at your back it’s nothing but true

Working for you

Working for you


We love you so much we are all crazy

We love you so much we are all lazy

Working for you

Working for you


We never get payed but pure satisfaction

What we do is not subtraction

Working working working

For you


Any distance ‘tween you and us

Means nothing as we work & cuss

Getting it done

Getting it done

For you


We know good fortune can be kinda scary

Coming all at once might make one leery

Grab a handful of air

Know that we are there

See nothing with a glance

But when you dance

Working for you

Working for you


Haunted Saloon


I strolled back to the haunted saloon

arrived floating

swung the bat-wings aside

one fell off its hinge, disintegrated

into a pile of dust as

the wings on the heels of my hiking boots fluttered by

what a relief

finally floating after all these earth-bound years

“I’ll have a double” said I

to the barmaid, Mary

ahhhhhhh Mary

Holy Mary

our favorite Mary

   amen & hallelujah…



A Ghost Town Called Love

by Rawclyde!


artwork by Ravenari & Lajuls

Deviant Art