Haunted Saloon


I strolled back to the haunted saloon

arrived floating

swung the bat-wings aside

one fell off its hinge, disintegrated

into a pile of dust as

the wings on the heels of my hiking boots fluttered by

what a relief

finally floating after all these earth-bound years

“I’ll have a double” said I

to the barmaid, Mary

ahhhhhhh Mary

Holy Mary

our favorite Mary

   amen & hallelujah…



A Ghost Town Called Love

by Rawclyde!


artwork by Ravenari & Lajuls

Deviant Art


Ghost Town


I sauntered into the haunted saloon

placed myself carefully on a stool at the counter

nobody was there but a bunch of ghosts & me



The barmaid, Holy Mary, uncorked a bottle of grace

poured me a shot

the shot glass looked empty

but I knew, yes, I knew

the shot glass was now full of grace

“the Lord is with thee,” I said to the barmaid

she smiled gently

a replica of the Milky Way galaxy in each eye

a crucifix above her head



“What’s a crucifix doing in here?” I asked

her reply:  “This is the ghost town called Love, remember?”

an awkward grin tilted my head sideways

I gulped down what she had served

& left a generous tip




3:10 to Yuma



Holy Mary / Tumblr.com



A Ghost Town Called Love