by Rawclyde!


You & I

Two daffodils in a flower pot

Watching TV

The image is blurry


I stomp my foot

Now the image is clear & percise


I & the TV glare back at you

In your faded flower-print nightie

In your comfortable chair

Your hair growing long & elegantly cornball

You won’t look at me

Okay, you sneak a glance


I see a halo around your head

I see I see

You are a saint!


photo by

Agnieszka Osipa


What A Gal!

Clyde (left) and Susan and (right) Chuck


First love

Way back in the fifth grade

A vivid classroom memory prevails

Chuck & I watching you

Pick your nose & roll your boogers into little balls

Then tossing them into the hair of Greg P

As he slept with his head on his desk

What a gal



The Autobiographical Fantasies & Transformations Of



photo from Annie Get Your Gun (1950)


Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?


T’was a red hot brand

That singed my hide forever

When you passed me in your new Volvo

On College Avenue


I was lollygagging along

In my brother’s ’56 Chevy

When you honked, waved, smiled

And accelerated as if a gust of wind


I would have chased you down

But I was having a logical moment

No, I’d get a ticket &

You’d get away, so I didn’t


The blond in the little white station wagon

Fresh out of high school & accelerating

A sight to behold, a flash

A photo forever in my mind


I finally caught up to you at 64

A remnant of yesteryear

Bee-bopping in the kitchen making me breakfast

A plate of nourishment piled a mile high





Buffalo Bill Cody