What A Gal!

Clyde (left) and Susan and (right) Chuck


First love

Way back in the fifth grade

A vivid classroom memory prevails

Chuck & I watching you

Pick your nose & roll your boogers into little balls

Then tossing them into the hair of Greg P

As he slept with his head on his desk

What a gal



The Autobiographical Fantasies & Transformations Of



photo from Annie Get Your Gun (1950)


Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?


T’was a red hot brand

That singed my hide forever

When you passed me in your new Volvo

On College Avenue


I was lollygagging along

In my brother’s ’56 Chevy

When you honked, waved, smiled

And accelerated as if a gust of wind


I would have chased you down

But I was having a logical moment

No, I’d get a ticket &

You’d get away, so I didn’t


The blond in the little white station wagon

Fresh out of high school & accelerating

A sight to behold, a flash

A photo forever in my mind


I finally caught up to you at 64

A remnant of yesteryear

Bee-bopping in the kitchen making me breakfast

A plate of nourishment piled a mile high





Buffalo Bill Cody


Waiting For The Bus


Here come the bus!

Here come the bus!

We’re ready to ride

God bless us!


Try not to cuss

Try not to fuss

Manners are a must

When yer boardin’ de bus


We don’t know each other

Shut-up, brother

Excuse me, sister

Muzzle your mother


Don’t be afraid

To slap that brat

We won’t report you

Give me back me old hat


Would you like to buy it?

It’s a hundred dollar hat

It fits right here

Yes, my head’s kinda fat


My baby said I gotta go

She surely know

This old tramp

Movin’ kind a slow


Yes, you may sit here

Give her room please

A pretty woman

Smooth shoulder tease


Pullin’ down me brim

Ready to sleep the whole way

Oops, my head’s tilting over

Didn’t mean to stray


 Ridin’ the bus!

Ridin’ the bus!

We been waiting so long

God bless us!