Note III From The Editor

Whose that fool looking back at me

In the mirror of my mind?


Can I place the familiar face

I thought I left behind?


E. Bojangles


Hello Highly-Regarded Reader!

Please let me introduce Elvis Bojangles, the

newcomer on the Old Timer Chronicle staff.  He

insists on a mug shot of himself.  Ain’t he some-

thing?  He says he won’t do anymore writing

unless we include this picture of him taken about

10 years ago.  We would have used a more recent

photo except we don’t have one.

Oh well.

He’s jus’ another tramp who happened by like

Davy Crockett Reincarnated, Cloyd Campfire, and

yours truly Rawclyde!  But this one’s got some

kind of ego problem, I guess.  Bojangles informs

us he’s an ex-rock star.  But nobody believes that

around here.

Good day!

Yours truly



Mirror of Your Mind by Joe South:


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