Note II From The Editor

Dear Reader ~

Movies starring Errol Flynn enthralled me when I was a child sitting at the feet of my father.  We were always watching Errol Flynn movies on TV.  One of these action-packed dramas was Charge Of The Light Brigade, made in 1936.  I was 5-years-old in 1955, which was about when I became captivated by this movie.

Later, maybe when 9-years-old, I was digging thru the Junior Classics set of books on the bottom shelf in my older sister’s room when I found Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, The Charge Of The Light Brigade.  It enthralled me.  I remember memorizing the whole thing when I was sick at home from school.  Voluntary memorization ~ it’s not every poem that inspires a boy thusly.

When a beginner journalist in high school, I came across in a bookstore a collection of old news stories, one of which covered the actual, you guessed it, that awesome Charge Of The Light Brigade.  I bought the book & read in it an eye-witness account of what turned out to be a ribald episode in the Crimean War.  I studied the episode even further years later when I found a whole book written about that particular military blunder & how it was so foolish.  In fact, as I recall, the whole Crimean War was pretty foolish according to various resources I’ve read along the way.

So am I going to make a comment here on war?  The American invasion of Iraq maybe?  Bullying, colonialism, sharia law?  Fighting for national independence, democracy, freedom?  No, not at all.  All I want to do is say a little something about three of my most favorite poems ~ The Charge Of You Know What, The Ballad Of The Northern Lights, and The Flyin’ Outlaw ~ all of which you can find right below this note.  Just scroll on down.  But, before you do, please realize, each one of these 3 awesome poems is about pure unadulterated foolishness.

There ~ I said what had to be said.  And I’m not saying anything more about it.  Amen.


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