Spirit Light


by Robin Stiles


I remember thinking on several occasions

I’d never be able to see enough stars

But I see that star filled sky in your eyes,

all around us, until we are each

a pulsating star in the heavens

In a single instant, you are everything,

from darkness to light


You continually align into new patterns for me

You are fluid like a waterfall,

yet strong as the Earth herself

and tempered with a gentleness of spirit


You awaken my desire to ride the spirit winds

Your voice calls to me on the dream paths

where I wait for you to join me


from her book of poems

Skipping Stones Through The Cosmos







by Rawclyde!


You & I

Two daffodils in a flower pot

Watching TV

The image is blurry


I stomp my foot

Now the image is clear & percise


I & the TV glare back at you

In your faded flower-print nightie

In your comfortable chair

Your hair growing long & elegantly cornball

You won’t look at me

Okay, you sneak a glance


I see a halo around your head

I see I see

You are a saint!


photo by

Agnieszka Osipa


Uncivilized Ecstasies

a book of poems

by Happy Oasis


your kisses tender as moss


then gather as pools

in forgotten recessed caverns

of my heart

let’s build our home

in solitude together

a home with walls of freedom

and freely-shimmering trees

gables of sky

gentlekindness the foundation

beneath pastel breaths

and flutelike gazes

let’s dream from the depths

of darkness darling

let’s dream new dawns

how beautiful can they be?




What A Gal!

Clyde (left) and Susan and (right) Chuck


First love

Way back in the fifth grade

A vivid classroom memory prevails

Chuck & I watching you

Pick your nose & roll your boogers into little balls

Then tossing them into the hair of Greg P

As he slept with his head on his desk

What a gal



The Autobiographical Fantasies & Transformations Of



photo from Annie Get Your Gun (1950)


Sufi Shores



Things are beyond planning

And life doesn’t always turn out as planned

You don’t plan for a broken heart

You plan to be young forever

You plan to conquer the universe

You plan to fall in love

And be loved forever


You don’t plan to be sad

You don’t plan to be hurt

You don’t plan to be broke

You don’t plan to be betrayed

You don’t plan to be alone in this world

You plan to be happy

You don’t plan to be shattered



Sometimes if you work hard enough

You can get what you want

But most times

What you want & what you get

Are two different things


We mortals plan

But so does Allah in the heavens

Sometimes it is difficult to understand Allah’s plans

Especially when His plans are not in consonance with ours



When he sends us crisis

We turn to Him in anger


We cannot choose what Allah wishes us to carry

But we can carry it with courage

Knowing that He will never abandon us

Nor send us something we cannot cope with



Sometimes Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul

Sometimes He breaks our heart to make us whole

Sometimes He allows pain so we can be stronger

Sometimes Allah sends us failure so we can be humble

Sometimes He allows illness

So we can take better care of ourselves

And sometimes

Allah takes everything away from us

So we can learn the value of everything he gave us



Make plans

But understand that we live

By Allah’s grace


Sufi Girl






The surfer girl photographed here is Claire “Bevo” Bevilacqua, a pro from Perth, Australia.  She has won many competitions…

Semra Polat, who I identified here as Sufi Girl, humbly & graciously accepted my reblogging of her poem & I’m very grateful…