Note From The Editor


Hello Illustrious Reader!

I am nothing, nothing at all but rabbit stew, without you.  It’s absolutely wonderful having at least one of you around to sample these pearls of questionability that I’ve been dishing out for some time now.  Thank you for dropping by.  Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

No matter what ~ I keep writing.  That’s the only given.  Barely.  I’m not even making sense to myself anymore ~ let alone anybody else.  Well, about 2 people, it seems, have been dropping by recently.  I definitely appreciate you dropping by.

This issue of the Old Timer is off the forum, unless it has been re-instituted in the last few seconds and I don’t know about it.  I don’t know why it’s off the forum.  Won’t ask.  I think that in promoting a short novel I wrote many moons ago, I picked a chapter in which my main boy was unlawful.  After all, he was an outlaw.  And he was in an “outlaw” story.  But, I guess, somebody behind another desk somewhere took not kindly to what transpired there.  I don’t blame her.  Either that, or it was a technical glitch.  Censorship should not be taken lightly some place like the Old Timer office.  But, I guess, if I was truly concerned I’d be asking some questions of some people some where in The Company maze.  That said, it’s a privilege having access to this service.  Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

So!  What’s with the girl with the sword in the last post?  That’s Saint Joan of Arc’s sword she is waving around in Harlequin fiction stories.  I love that.  I really do.  Thus I promote the Rogue Angel books.

From the moment she was born, Saint Joan has been capturing humankind’s imagination & taking flight ~ like an angel.  She captured the heart of Mark Twain & he wrote a book about her.  I read it.  Now I have litanies to the beautiful saint in the Old Timer Chronicle.  Prayers.  Why not?  I might very well love her as much as Mark Twain did.  So I put together The Almanac Of Saint Joan Reincarnated 2012.  It’s political.  It’s prayerful.  It’s fiction.  Why not?

So what is Old Timer Chronicle (volume III) about?  What is Sheena’s Teepee all about?  Nothin’.  Nothin’ I’m going to explain.  And everthing!

 Yours truly



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