From Where Came Her Sword?

When Saint Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy, her sword was shattered by an English soldier, and the fragments were widely dispersed…

However, Roux and Garin, two of the knights in Joan’s personal retinue, were cursed with immortality in order to be able to eventually track down…

And reassemble the holy sword…

Annja was present when this came to pass, and at her touch, the blade miraculously re-formed, making her its new bearer…

Saint Joan of Arc’s sword cannot be taken from Annja against her will, and she has the power to remove it to and retrieve it from a supernatural location referred to as the “Otherwhere”…

This process works regardless of the sword’s current location, giving her the ability, for example, to use the weapon as a projectile and then immediately recall it to her hand…

Moreover, Saint Joan’s sword also enhances Annja’s general constitution and helps her recover from injuries…







(with some help from Wikipedia)


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