Back In The Tomb


Why oh why

Baby oh baby

Please tell me why

I’m moving so slow today


Up the street

Up the stairs

Rickety old feet

Plodding along


Pull me brim down

Pull me keys out

Unlock the door etc.

Sittin’ in the tomb again


Why o’ why do I

Like sitting in this old cold hotel room

There ain’t nothin’ here worth considering

Yet my heart go zooooooom



We’re traveling now

You & your traveling man

Hold on tight now


You is lookin’ so good

The whole dang neighborhood

Inside my mind

Gots reason to shine


Yeah but

Yeah but

You say I’m way over here

You is way over there


So it ain’t so

My thinking’s gone slow

You got bronchitis &

I’m a wanna-be bo’


Yeah but

Yeah but

I hummed a little prayer

to the Goddess up there


She’s on your side

As well as mine &

She’s a lot stronger than




We’re dancing slow

Your belly’s warm & plump &

We’re half drunk


In fact, instead of growing old

We’re growing young

Oh so slow

To a Neil Diamond song


Wait a minute

Something’s not right

My hat falls to the floor

Something’s wrong


You’re like you always are

The hottest ray of sunshine around

But me, me oh my, my skin

It’s lost & cannot be found


Dang it ~ everything was so gallant

Gallant & slam-dunk grand

No more yeah butts

I am, I am a skeleton man!



by Rawclyde!

with a lot of help from artists

Dan Dos Santos


Clyde Caldwell



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